Andrew Bell | Hypercreative Profile interview by Ali Sabet

Andrew Bell is brilliant. Andrew started drawing little creatures 6 years ago. One a day, everyday. It was a way for him to express himself while working as a creative at Nick. If you guys ever question what it takes to make it as an artist, you look at Andrew. There is a certain level of dedication that's needed to get to where Bell has reached. Imagine drawing, posting, creating all sorts of prints and toys then having to make that stuff - I mean the list goes on and on. Andrew does all this and more, and yet he makes it look so easy. 

Andrew has done what most of us dream of doing; which is to create a day to day experience that we enjoy. The fact that he brings so much joy to others with his creatures is an absolute bonus. I have been following andrews progress since 2005 when I started I remember asking him to join the community and that's how we connected initally. I'm really excited that I got to meet him last year and It was a pleasure to interview him this year at Comic Con 2011. He is truly and inspiration to all artists. You may see more of his work on The Creatures In My Head website! Enjoy!!